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"Atlanta's Lounge for upscale fun!"
Showcase and Charity Events
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Check out the video of Leslie Jordan @ Mixx in 2011 or other Mixx Videos! Click HERE!

March 28 & 29, 2012 - Amy & Freddy's Website

Amy and Freddy ~ "We get Along.." Concert and Cd Release Party.
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March 31, 2012 - The Names Project

"The Quilt in the Capital... Return to DC" Benefit for the AIDS Quilt
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Mixx ~ Atlanta's Premier Video Lounge for Upscale Fun! ~1492 Piedmont Road NE # B - Atlanta, GA 30309 - 404.228.4372

Mixx is Atlanta’s Premiere Video Smokefree Lounge and Dance Club. It is the perfect place for professionals to gather after work, relax and be served by a great friendly staff that really knows your drinks! There is a great menu during the week and cookout grill on weekends. Weekday entertainment includes live piano, poker, drag show, free wine and liquor tasting. Mixx is known for celebrity entertainment and celebrity book signings. Mixx transforms into a dazzling night club on weekends, with live DJs. The sound system is superb, and so is the laser light show and beautiful wooden dance floor. Upscale Video Lounge, gaybar, gay bar, party, Dance Club, food, smokefree, DJs. Mixx, Atlanta 1492B Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta GA 30309. (404)-228-4372